dilluns, 13 de gener de 2020

Video Presentations

Good morning everyone!!

We have exchanged a video presentation and we are really happy to see the faces for the first time😃

dimecres, 18 de desembre de 2019

Working together!


These are us,

https://agora.xtec.cat/escolapallerola/  (Spain)

http://www.scuolacastiglione.edu.it  (Italy)

Nice to meet you all!

Cristina & Laura


This is our Etwining project. It is intended to make our secondary students work together, while using English as the main language of communication, to discover whether teenagers are happy for the same reasons.
The main goal is practising the English language to improve their linguistic competences but at the same time doing an interesting and motivating research collaboratively sharing ideas, opinions, creations, letters and emails and so on.